Graphics are often spectacular. This was the image of the game. Everything you see in the distance until it can get.

Try to combine and you will see for yourself which style fits you best. Also, the creators of the game are a little harder for deliberately shooting and you will often be quite inaccurate, especially until you upgrade. I welcome this approach for Tomb Raider can not and should not be a shooter. Remember those of my open mouth from the beginning? I repeat that the more important missions and locations in which they take place, and in fact the whole game, pure spectacle. Locations sometimes breathtaking, and each point that you see, you can visit and leave code psn gratuit . Of course, you can not climb on a mountain in the distance that are drawn just for the atmosphere, but in every part of the area of ​​the map you can go. The atmosphere is really top notch and will keep you from the first minute. The game offers a good balance and mix of perforation, the main missions and research.

The research will reveal additional missions, do a certain challenge, open boxes containing parts for each weapon. You will find beautifully designed relics, read the document and study the murals. If you want, you gather the coins with which you can later be able to buy certain things, and you discover yourself. Also, research will reveal the hidden tomb!

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